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MAACA Upcoming Event Maitbc Miss Asian USA Final Contest & MAACA Annual Gala Event Presented By Fox 4  Reporters

Dave D’ Marko

Sherae Honeycutt

Time : September 7, 2019
5:30 p.m – 6:50 p.m  VIP Receptionspan
7 p.m- 9:30 p.m MAACA Gala &MAITBC Miss Asia Final Contest
Location : Gem Theater
1615 E 18th St. Kansas City, MO 64108

This project is supported in part by the City of Kansas City, Missouri Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund

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Voting opens August 1st
Miss Asia 2019
Soniya Pathak 48 ( 0.24 % )
Tian Hao 1034 ( 5.27 % )
Mahreen Ansari 4 ( 0.02 % )
Paniz Borzoofard 71 ( 0.36 % )
Cynthia Liu 2027 ( 10.33 % )
Amanda Zhu 7346 ( 37.45 % )
Christine Pham 21 ( 0.11 % )
Imary Rose 7980 ( 40.69 % )
Parisa Karimi Jabali 11 ( 0.06 % )
Mahoua Ray 61 ( 0.31 % )
Supawan Kincheloe 22 ( 0.11 % )
Bhavna Namjoshi 329 ( 1.68 % )
Neelam Singhal 659 ( 3.36 % )

2019 MAITBC Miss Asia USA Contest

MAITBC Miss Asia USA Contest is an education program helping women and teens develop life skills, find new interests and discover new opportunities. It will help Women receive recognition for improving themselves and the Asian American Community. This event will provide opportunities to win scholarships, develop poise, confidence, stage presence, interview skills, and speaking ability. Our expectation is that this competition will greatly influence the cultural lives of American international females and introduce more people to know about our beautiful Kansas and Missouri state.

To Uphold World Peace 
A Beautiful City’s Exhibition
A Revolution in Aesthetic Idea
An Understanding of Diverse Cultures

Special thanks to Mitsu Sato Hair Academy and
Lucias Sarto Custom Sewing for supporting our Miss Asia USA Contest!

MAITBC Miss Asia USA 2019 Title sponsor is Mid-America International Trade business center, more detail  about this contest, please check MAITBC Miss Asia website: http://www.maitbc-missasiausa.com

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