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Upcoming 2017 Asian Cultural Festival


  2017Asian Festival Opening Ceremony:
 MC: Fox4 Morning Reporter Matt Stewart
10:30am Starting
1. Three Trails Drum Performance - Japan
2. Lion Dance - Vietnam
3. Welcome Remarks by Fox4 Matt Stewart
4. American National Anthem - Philippine Singer Ami Tevis
5. MC Introduction of Asian Festival Host - MAACA
6. Asian Association Partners Representing 20 Asian Countries
7. Welcome Remarks by Kansas Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer
8. Leadership Award Ceremony for Jeff Colyer
9. MAACA American Hero Award for Ian Grillot
10. Welcome Remarks by Michael Copeland, Mayor of Olathe
11. Welcome Remarks by Japan Honor Consul General Jim Kanki
12. Sprint Director of Sourcing John Thong Speech
13. Welcome Remarks by Mayor of Overland Park Carl Gerlach
14. Welcome Remarks by Chinese Consul General Hong Lei
15. Black & Veatch President Hoe Wai Cheong Speech
16. Director of UMB Bank Rekha Patnaik Speech
17. 2017 Host Country Japan Kimonos Special Dance
18. Asian Festival Flag Handover Ceremony
19. 2018 Host Country China Closing Performance by Leyue Performing Arts

Common Area Stage: 9:30am - 6:38pm
1. 12:00pm America the Beautiful
2. 12:05pm Pakistan Fashion Show
3. 12:25pm Namaste India "The Beautiful Indian¡±
4. 12:40pm Tiger Rock Martial Arts
5. 12:45pm Blue Valley Band Flute Performance
6. 12:50pm IXL Martial Arts
7. 1:05pm The Kansas City Rocking Girls Medley
8. 1:10pm Chinese Peking Opera
9. 1:20pm Bengali Folk Cultural Dance
10. 1:30pm Asian YoYo Competition
11. 3:00pm Break time
12. 3:15pm Japan Kimonos Performance
13. 3:45pm Arabic Dance
14. 3:50 pm Rabbit Dance
15. 3:55pm HK Chinese Dance
16. 4:00pm Thailand Dance
17. 4:05pm Exhilarate Dancing Co
18. 4:10pm Sprint's Program
19. 4:40pm Samoa Dance
20. 5:10pm Mongolian Traditional Dance
21. 5:20pm Chinese GuZheng
22. 5:30pm From Russia To America
23. 5:35pm Indian Dance
24. 5:45pm Indonesia Mask Dance
25. 5:50pm Kathak Dance
26. 6:00pm Bangladeshi Dance
27. 6:10pm Israeli Dance
28. 6:20pm All About Rhythm
29. 6:25pm HK Chinese Dance
30. 6:30pm Taiwan Yo-Yo

      Auditorium Stage: 12:18pm - 5:08pm
1. 12:18pm Remarks and Award Presentation to Outstanding Asian Students by Mayor Mike Copeland
2. 12:38pm HK Chinese Dance
3. 12:45pm Three Trails Drum
4. 12:55pm Japan Kimonos Perform Special Dances
5. 1:05pm Ben Conde Offstring Yo-Yo Freestyle
6. 1:08pm Tessa Piccillo Single Hand Yo-Yo Freestyle
7. 1:11pm Chris Neff Spintop Freestyle
8. 1:15pm Happy Tambouriue
9. 1:20pm Apple Harvest
10. 1:25pm Eastern Indian Dance
11. 1:30pm Chinese Traditional Instruments Orchestra
12. 1:40pm Chinese Peking Opera
13. 1:45pm Lion Dance
14. 2:00pm Vietnamese Dance
15. 2:05pm Mongolian Traditional Dance
16. 2:15pm The Beautiful Lake Tai
17. 2:20pm Break Time
18. 2:30pm Thailand Dance
19. 2:35pm Indonesia Dance
20. 2:40pm Dance in New Era
21. 2:45pm Nartan Academy Dance
22. 2:50pm Bangladeshi Dance
23. 3:10pm Beautiful Lady Singing
24. 3:15pm Special Guest - Arabic Dance
25. 3:20pm Nepal Dance
26. 3:40pm Chinese GuZheng
27. 3:48pm Malaysian Dance
28. 3:55pm Indian Fashion Dance
29. 4:00pm Chinese Taiji
30. 4:10pm Nritya Indian Dance
31. 4:20pm Israeli Dance
32. 4:25pm All about Rythem dance
33. 4:40pm A Great River
34. 4:45pm TaiWan YoYo
35. 4:50pm Indian Gurukul Academy Dance

Martial Art Stage: 12:00pm - 5:00pm
1. 12:00pm Kansas City Kendo Club
2. 12:30pm Kenpo Karate
3. 1:00pm Shinwa Budo
4. 1:30pm Judo
5. 2:00pm Sumo
6. 2:30pm Martial Art Fan
7. 3:00pm Aikido
8. 3:30pm Kung Fu
9. 3:45pm Tae Kwon Do
10. 4:15pm Chen Style Taiji
11. 4:45pm Okinawan Kempo

Vending Information

If you are interested in vending 2017 Asian Cultural Festival,
please click here to download the Vendor Form
and email it back to board@maacaweb.org.

Booth fee can be paid through PayPal.
We accept credit card for donations (booth fee).
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    Advanced Ticket Sales

By online with 40% discount and pick up at front door

Photo Contest Cancellation
Due to a very large agenda of events planned for the 2017 MAACA Asian Cultural Festival, we have decided to cancel the Photography Contest activity this year as there was not adequate time to successfully organize and adequate space to display the photographs in a respectful manner. What we would like to do is have people take pictures at this year¡¯s festival and then submit them to next year¡¯s 2018 Asian Cultural Festival photo contest. For those that have already submitted payment for entering their photo this year we will return their money. We apologize for the late cancellation but hope everyone enjoys the excellent plan of activities for this year's festival.

--- MAACA Board

2016 Asian Country Outstanding Student

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2016 Asian Cultural Festival Highlights

2016 Asian Cultural Festival Pictures
Photo by Hai Jun Wei, Steve Boyda, Steve Thompson

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Media Coverage

MAACA Announcement - Mid-America Asain Culture Association Youth (MAACAY)
Congratulation Mid-America Asain Culture Association Youth (MAACAY) founded In January 1, 2017.

The mission of the Youth group of MAACA:
The Youth Club of MAACA was created to inspire and empower local youths in our communities. We are a group of youth leaders who will come together and offer new thinking and creative ways to implement our ideas. This new youth group will focus on being good role models as we strive to impact world issues and bring positive awareness of the contributions of our generation.

MAACAY group will contribute:
  • Help to support MACCA¡¯s mission to bring positive awareness of the contributions and rich heritage of our Asian communities utilizing creative communication tools/methods/social media
  • Promote our diverse Asian cultures through active involvement in the annual MAACA cultural festival and other MAACA events
  • Offer new thoughts and concepts in promoting a clean environment and healthier living
  • Offer new thoughts and concepts in supporting MACCA¡¯s Foundation outreach program focused on improving the lives of those that are disadvantaged in the world and by participating in various community services
  • Offer new thoughts and concepts to increase additional youth engagement
  • Take active leadership roles within the MAACA organization

  • If you interesting to joining us, please fill in the form here and send back to board@maacaweb.org.

    MAACA 1st Annual Golf Tournament

     Purpose - why we are hosting this event and what are the expectations
    1) To promote cultural awareness, socialization, and develop common interests among all members and potential members
    2) Adding the golf tournament to MAACA's series of activities will continue the expansion and appreciation of cultural diversity. With the strong support and collaboration between all who love and support our multi-ethnic community.
    3) MAACA focuses on building better relationships between the Kansas City metropolitan area and Asian Cultures. The addition of this golf tournament can help establish yet another annual event to help pull together not only the Asian cultures and communities but those who are interested in learning about MAACA and building business and personal relationships to better understand the Asian Cultures and building a stronger unified community.


    MAACA Martial Art Education Class Support by Kansas 18 Martial Art Schools



    Community Services
    Support MAACA

    MAACA On Social Media

    Growing Asian-American community could influence U.S. elections --- Voice of America
         Kane Farabaugh, May 06, 2016
    FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - The expanding number of Asian-American voters in the United States doesn¡¯t necessarily translate into political clout in U.S. elections, even though Asian-Americans represent the fastest-growing immigrant population in the United States. Read more

    Centralized Showing Service, Inc. Customer Service Representative positions available
         Company Name: Centralized Showing Service
    Title of job: Customer Service Representative - Including Bilingual in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish languages.
    Part time and Full-time positions available
    Duties: Due to our continuing success, Centralized Showing Service, Inc. (CSS), the nation's premiere residential real estate showing service, has immediate openings for Customer Service Representatives in our Overland Park, KS customer-service contact center.
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    Company website: www.showings.com
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    USCIS Proposes Amendments to High-Skilled Visa Regulations for Permanent and Temporary Workers
    The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is amending regulations related to certain employment-based high-skilled permanent (EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3) and temporary (H-1B) visa programs. The proposed amendments codify provisions of the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-first Century Act of 2000 (AC21), the American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998 (ACWIA), and related guidance documents. Many of these changes are aimed at improving the ability of U.S. employers seeking to sponsor or retain workers on visas, such as allowing extensions of immigration status. This proposal would also codify worker portability, or the ability of visa holders to seek promotions or change employers. USCIS seeks feedback from small businesses sponsoring the employment of these visa holders regarding potential increased turnover costs (or employee replacement costs) and paperwork costs of this rulemaking.
    Comments are due to USCIS by February 29, 2016.
    Read and Comment to the Proposed Rule on Regulations.gov.
    Rule Summary on USCIS Website.
    Advocacy Contact: Janis Reyes or call 202-205-6533.

    USCIS: Fliers on Executive Actions on Immigration in Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese
         New fliers on President Obama's executive actions on immigration are now available in Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese. The three fliers explain briefly: 1) the importance of avoiding scams and not submitting requests until the new initiatives are available. 2) Eligibility requirements for the expanded Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA). Read more , Please check: http://www.uscis.gov/executive-actions-immigration/executive-actions-immigration-resources

    U.S. Department of Education
         Workplace health and safety in Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Nepal:

    Community Stories
    MAACA Volunteer Story:
         Li Xing Story
    My volunteer work with MAACA has greatly contributed to growth my financial career. Being in MAACA is a way for me to stay connected to the culture in an environment that stresses innovation, support and collaboration. MACCA is full of so many smart, creative, driven folks who are constantly doing interesting things. It consistently renews my energy and interest in Asian Culture.
    Through my association with MAACA, I have made great contacts with people, gained a different view into my work, formed a relationship with each family, and developed important professional skills." This experience has made me appreciate all the hard work involved in running the nonprofit Organization ¨CMAACA. I've been more proud of the Asian Festival day which was authorized by local government. Asian Festival day shows that MAACA and its Volunteer group truly care about their community and are willing to invest both time and money to help make a difference.

    Asian Immigrant Community
    Over the past decade, more immigrants have come to the United States from Asia than from any other region in the world, making Asians the fastest growing immigrant population in the United States. These immigrants bring their diverse cultures, language skills, and different economic and demographic traits from various Asian countries and the Indian subcontinent.
    Demographics of the Asian immigrant population
    Today¡¯s Asian immigrant community in the United States is diverse: Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese immigrants are the top six nationalities of Asian immigrants and account for 85 percent of the total Asian immigrant population. These immigrants have contributed greatly to the overall growth of the U.S. Asian population. Since 2008, Asian immigrants have represented approximately 40 percent of the U.S. foreign-born population compared to 27 percent in 2005. The U.S. Asian population is also majority-foreign born: 66 percent of Asian Americans were born in another country, compared with only 37 percent of Latinos.