MAACA, the MidAmerica Asian Culture Association, is a non-political, non-religious, and a non-profit 501(c) (3) tax exempt organization whose mission is to promote cultural awareness, socialization, to develop common interests, and to bring famous Asian attractions to the Kansas City area metropolitan area.

Mary Jean Eisenhower Honorary Chair  – Granddaughter of 34 th U.S President Dwight D Eisenhower
Steve Boyda Legal Counsel& Chair of Adviser Board
Jerry Nolte Adviser of board —Presiding Commissioner at Clay County, Missouri
Shakil Haider Adviser of board–Human Relations Commission at City of Olathe, KS
Rehan Reza Adviser of Board–HR Commission at City of Topeka,Kansas
Scott Wagner Adviser of Board–Mayor-Pro Tem at City of Kansas, Missouri
R Wesley McCoy Adviser of Board –Councilman at  City of Olathe , Kansas
Fars Farassati Adviser of Board –Councilman at City of Overland Park, Kansas

MAACA Officer & Director Team

Carol Wei                                          Chairperson of  board                                      Chairperson of MAACA 2013-2021

Steve L Duxbury                       First Vice Chairperson of Board                             President of  2017 Asia Festival

Chris Tan                                Second Vice Chairperson of Board                       President of 2018 Asian festival

  Rajesh Gupta                           Second Vice Chairperson of Board                        2014-2016 IAKC Chairman

  KaiGuo                                          Director of Board                                              President of Gateway to Asia 

Rivend  Pecana                               Director of Board                                             2017 Philippine Association Chairman

 Zahid Awan                                    Director of Board                                              Director of People To People

Chanthala Sanoubane                   Director of Board                                         2014-2017 Lao association President

Kamala Paudyal                             Director of Board

Joseph DelRio                                      Treasurer