Asian-American Professional Women Club

Congratulations to our new Asian-American Professional Women’s Club founded, August 8, 2017


  • To bring together professional Asian-American women (heads of organizations, CEOs, leaders of NGOs, etc.) with various skills and talents; those of Asian-descent and/or those interested in Asian culture that would like to help the club succeed are also invited.
  • To develop further outlets for utilizing talent and formulate a longer-term plan of diversification to achieve both personal and professional goals.


  • Positively influence the lives of members, and help resolve social issues women face in\the United States.
  • Provide members with more opportunities for professional education programs and student internships.
  • Create a greater awareness regarding Asian heritage, including traditions, cultures, food, art, and music.
  • Foster diversity through awareness and the building of friendships.
  • Fundraising events to support the local community, and to support the leadership award program for Asian women.
  • Promote Asian culture and heritage to younger generations, helping ensure its core values are alive and understood.
  • The club exists under MAACA and as such follows the rules for non-profit organizations under Section 501(c)(3).

Welcome to joining our AAPWC. To register, please fill out our registration form. Please email the completed form to Bindu CheeDella at