MAACA Youth Club

Congratulations Mid-America Asian Culture Association Youth (MAACAY) founded In January 1, 2017.

The mission of the Youth group of MAACA:
The Youth Club of MAACA was created to inspire and empower local youths in our communities. We are a group of youth leaders who will come together and offer new thinking and creative ways to implement our ideas. This new youth group will focus on being good role models as we strive to impact world issues and bring positive awareness of the contributions of our generation.

MAACAY group will contribute:
Help to support MACCA’s mission to bring positive awareness of the contributions and rich heritage of our Asian communities utilizing creative communication tools/methods/social media
Promote our diverse Asian cultures through active involvement in the annual MAACA cultural festival and other MAACA events
Offer new thoughts and concepts in promoting a clean environment and healthier living
Offer new thoughts and concepts in supporting MACCA’s Foundation outreach program focused on improving the lives of those that are disadvantaged in the world and by participating in various community services
Offer new thoughts and concepts to increase additional youth engagement
Take active leadership roles within the MAACA organization

If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the registration form here and send back to

2017 Asian Country Outstanding Student 2016 Asian Country Outstanding Student
2015 Asian Country Outstanding Student 2014 Asian Country Outstanding Student


MAACA Youth Club Summer Event Highlights

“A Panel Discussion about Academic and Student Lives Attending University”

On Jun 8, 2019 MAACA Youth Group organized a presentation for incoming university freshmen and college students to answer questions and provide information at the Johnson County Library. More than 100 people from China, Laos, India, Korea, and local American attend this even. This presentation share with students and parents important tips and skills for college applications and college lives.

The MAACA Youth Group’s goals include uniting students and helping them improve important skills in leadership, addressing and solving important issues, and expressing Asian culture and its importance. This Youth Group is for anyone interested in leadership, volunteer work, and/or Supporting Asian communities.