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Mid-America Asian Culture Association

MAACA Outreach Programs

MAACA’s Outreach Programs are essential to its mission, promoting cultural awareness/socialization, developing common interests, and bringing famous Asian attractions to the Kansas City area. MAACA and its partners give presentations, make speeches, and present cultural performances for businesses, non-profits, government agencies, schools, radio, television, and more.

MAACA’s footprint extends throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. The Outreach Programs serve as the primary communication channel between MAACA and the general public, coordinating cultural enrichment programs and examining participation likelihoods for proposed events.

MAACA is involved in numerous cultural events and has become a long-term partner of various businesses and organizations. Its primary objectives include:

  • promoting cultural awareness, developing mutual understanding, and enhancing collaborative efforts with local communities, businesses, organizations, and government agencies.
  • building trust and relationships among people with diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • showcasing the rich cultures of Asian countries, generating interest for the Asian Cultural Festival, and encouraging involvement with local communities.

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By organizing and providing various cultural and educational programs such as cultural show, martial arts education class, occupation training and more, MAACA focuses on building better relationships between the Kansas City metropolitan area and Asian Cultures.

Looking ahead, MAACA is planning a series of activities that will continue the expansion and appreciation of cultural diversity. With the strong support and collaboration between all who love and support our multi-ethnic community, MAACA believes Kansas City will be a better place for generations to proud with.

MAACA is looking for your participation, valuable feedback, suggestions, and comment. We can be reached by email at board@maacaweb.org